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We have the best People, Processes, and Products to deliver solutions that solve your current and future business needs.

We address modernization, application development, and integration with solutions in four key practice areas:

Business & IT Strategy

  • Profound 360 Modernization Analysis

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User Experience & Application Development

  • UI and UX Modernization
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Information and Data

  • Database Modernization
  • Reporting and BI Development
  • Data Management Analysis

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System Modernization

  • Flexible Code Transformation
  • System Discovery and Documentation
  • Architecture Modernization Analysis
  • Integration and API Support
  • Cloud Migration
  • DevOps and CI Implementation

Why choose Profound as your Solutions Partner?

Profound Logic works side-by-side with you to create a plan, deliver value, and mitigate potential risks that include:

  • “Rip and Replace” approaches that take decades and cost millions of dollars
  • Difficulty finding new talent to replace retiring IBM i developers
  • Inability to scale monolithic applications and create microprocesses
  • Lack of integration between applications and systems

  • Time wasted trying to make sense of outdated documentation
  • Unsecure, inefficient paths to a cloud or hybrid cloud environment

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Business & IT Strategy

Your IBM i system has been serving faithfully for many years, but you’ve been forced to put off modernization because of other priorities. Your business needs new capabilities, and you have accumulated some technical debt from years of patches and quick fixes.

The Profound 360° Modernization and Transformation Analysis prepares your business with services to:

  • Prioritize business needs
  • Analyze process and technical gaps
  • Align business and IT requirements
  • Define and prioritize projects
  • Develop a roadmap
  • Support business planning
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User Experience & Application Development

Users interact with your business through your applications and user interfaces. By innovating that experience, you can increase efficiency, code supportability, and the ability to meet new requirements.​

Our services and products integrate to deliver:

  • A UX modernization strategy
  • Improved menu navigation
  • Browser-based interface
  • Convert to Rich Display
  • Improve usability
  • Improve user perception
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System Modernization

Ensure your system is optimized for today and ready for tomorrow by transforming old/monolithic code to secure, modern, modular code and integrating systems with API and Rest Web Services.

This practice area enables you to:

  • Transform legacy RPG to modern RPG & Node.js
  • Analyze your current state
  • Develop and manage APIs and web services
  • Create a secure architecture for exposing IBM i data
  • Deploy modular, reusable code
  • Define DevOps and CI processes

Information & Data

Information is the lifeblood of your business. Improve your data management processes and modernize antiquated databases to more easily adopt new and emerging technologies. Our Information & Data solutions improve data processes so that you can more easily adopt new Bl reporting tools and prepare for technologies such as Al and IoT.

This practice area supports:

  • Analyze governance needs
  • Assess data security
  • Propose data management strategy
  • Define and prioritize projects
  • Develop a roadmap
  • Support business planning

Let’s discuss your modernization roadmap:

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