Profound.js: Transform your AS/400 Applications with Business-ready Node.js

Today’s AS400 (now IBM i) developers juggle many tasks: Maintaining applications, training new team members, and making on-the-fly enhancements to existing applications, just to name a few. In some cases, businesses are facing a shortage of IBM i developers due to retirement. This can put new development projects on hold.

Profound.js allows you to easily develop business applications and modernize legacy RPG applications using Node.js and an Agile Modernization approach. 


Quickly and easily add powerful Node.js capabilities to your IBM i business apps

Easily find new development talent to replace retiring RPG developers

Join a flourishing community of open source developers

Profound.js is built around these key concepts:


  • Business logic should be simple to create and easy to follow
  • Web and Mobile interfaces should be easy to build using a drag and drop tool
  • Database connectivity and web servers should be inherent to every application
  • One simple language (JavaScript) should be used for both front-end and back-end logic
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The Profound.js Solution Includes

Node.js Framework

Our free Node.js Framework (available on npm) makes your applications Enterprise-ready by:

  • Providing RPG-like capabilities for Node.js
  • Enabling top-down transactional business programming capabilities
  • Streamlining development and avoiding ‘Callback Hell’
  • Offering seamless integration with the Profound UI framework for a robust Rich User Interface
Visual Designer

This drag-and-drop IDE makes it easy to design stunning Web or mobile application interfaces using Node and is available for free on npm.


JumpStart enables users to automatically generate user interfaces for Node.js applications. These Web and mobile templates eliminate the need to start a project from scratch.

Develop Node.js IBM i business applications today

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Push digital transformation to the next level and reduce time to market for new technology today by utilizing the world of JavaScript with Profound Logic.

Profound API is a complete toolset to create, deploy and manage modern REST web services and turn your IBM i Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement. You can ensure your API meet modern standards without “host based” screen scraping or outdated protocols, which can add to your business’s technical debt.

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